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There are two ways to follow to the Gospel Story-arc. You can choose one or both of them. It’s up to you.

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How Micro-support subscriptions work

By your coming here, we know that you're a generous person, and that you're likely already supporting other worthy ministries and causes. So thank you for considering a micro-support subscription to the Gospel Story-arc™ Project.

By micro-support subscriptions, we mean recurring amounts of $2, $5, or $10 per month. Amounts such as these represent the cost of a video streaming service, or in some cases, just a single cup of coffee each month.

Still, every micro-support subscription is important to us, because we use these funds to pay for web services and other costs necessary to produce Gospel Story-arc™ resources and content, much of which we give away to individuals and to other ministries.

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($2/month) Access to our weekly blog, where you will discover more about the plot line of Jesus' story. And the joy of helping to make Jesus' story known to people who have never heard.

($5/month) All the rewards of the Beautiful Feet Level PLUS a free digital download of The Gospel Story-arc Basic Course. (currently in production).

($10/month) All the rewards of the Opened Eyes Level PLUS a second free Gospel Story-arc Cube. 

($0) Access to whatever will help you to understand and share the Gospel Story-arc.

One-time Donations

For One-time donations, use the "Donate" link in the navigation or click here.

Recurring micro-support in other amounts

For recurring support in amounts greater than $10 per month, contact us here so we can assist you;

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