The Gospel Story-arc Project


What is the Gospel Story-arc Project?

The Gospel Story-arc Project is a story-driven evangelism, discipleship, and training ministry, leveraging the science of story to foster faith and love toward Jesus Christ.

Why do we refer to the Gospel as “Story?”

Because that’s what it is. The biblical account of Jesus is so much more than a collection of theological propositions. It is a grand narrative of God’s fulfillment of a promise to send a Savior/Conqueror/King to redeem humankind and restore all things.


We do not rely merely on a timeline approach to tell Jesus' story. Instead, we leverage the science of story structure and the dynamics of story-telling to unlock meaning, and to show how individual parts of the story cohere to the whole.

What does “arc” refer to?

The word “arc” refers to the narrative structure of the biblical story.

What does “science” have to do with “story?”

In recent years, neuroscientists and others have developed a large body of research on the specific elements of story, and how those elements gain attention and influence our hearts and minds. The science gives warrant to our paying closer attention to the dynamics of narrative, and to the tools we can use to leverage it to make Christ known.

Why does any of this matter?

Because so many people around the world, including in the West, have turned away from the logic and theology of Christianity to other ways of thinking (or not) about religion. Meanwhile, God has extended even greater opportunities for us to share about Jesus using a tool he’s hard-wired into the human heart.

What do you mean “It’s Your Story Too!”

The story of Jesus takes in all that happens in the world. It’s a story that began long ago, and it doesn’t end until Jesus returns to restore all things. Our lives now are very much a part of this story. So it truly is your story too!

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